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Atlas Neurovascular Syndrome

The Atlas Neurovascular Syndrome is a condition found at the base of the skull. In this area the first cervical vertebra or "Atlas", a 2 ounce bone, holds the weight of your head, 10-15 pounds. This area is highly susceptible to injury through trauma such as falls, whiplash, or even BIRTH TRAUMA. Even if you do not remember a huge accident, it is highly likely that this area has been affected somehow if you are a headache sufferer.


In this delicate area, two very important structures are found:


Firstly, the vertebral arteries which come up the neck through small holes in the vertebra on their way from the heart, take four right hand turns as they string through the Atlas. They then go on to supply the brain with over 2/3rds of it's blood!



A misalignment of the Atlas can thereby cause interference to the proper blood flow to the brain. A common complaint of migraine and headache sufferers is pressure or throbbing in the head or behind an eye. It can easily be seen how one might feel this if the major blood supply to the brain is being impinged upon at the base of the skull.


Secondly, the brain stem, your central nervous systems connection between brain and spinal cord, sits at the level of the Atlas. Many headache and migraine patients suffer with nausea and dizziness which can both be attributed to interference at the brain stem level along with a multitude of other symptoms since the brain stem is virtually your bodies nervous system control center.


Removing the impingement found at the level of the base of the skull/atlas is the key to correcting the cause of most headaches. The Atlas Orthogonal Instrument does this effectively, precisely and non-invasively thereby allowing the blood flow and nervous system to regain it's proper uninterrupted state. This procedure is completely different then "traditional" chiropractic methodologies which attempt to free the area through more forceful means with some limited success in our experience.


An added benefit to Atlas Orthogonal Treatment is the fact that with the correction of the atlas/skull misalignment comes straightening of the entire spine beneath it. Because of this, many other symptoms can be relieved by the Atlas Orthogonal Treatment. Things such as neck pain, arm pain or numbness, shoulder pain, mid back pain, low back pain, sciatica, TMJ and face pain have all been successfully treated with the Atlas Orthogonal Instrument.



You may ask, "Why is it that my medical doctor or neurologist doesn't know about this?" We often ask the same question, as the effectiveness of the procedure is truly remarkable. We can only say that they are not trained to look for the problem and many of them do not believe that misalignment of skull/atlas can happen through their medical perspective. This is an unfortunate reality but we do see that more and more of the medical community is opening up to alternative concepts especially ones which are scientific and bear no risk to the patient as with the Atlas Orthogonal Procedure. Since there are so very few Atlas Orthogonist's in the nation, it may take some time for the word to spread but each of us are making strides in our own communities and hopefully many more people will become "headache free" as a result. More often than not patients come to the office with a stack of previous x-rays, CAT scans, and MRI's plus a list of doctors they have seen and drugs they have tried with no success.


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