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About the Procedure

The Atlas Orthogonal Procedure utilizes scientific and exacting methodology to effectively remove the underlying cause of many types of chronic migraine, cluster, tension and injury related headaches.


The Atlas Orthogonal Doctor (Atlas Orthogonist) will firstly perform a complete and thorough examination of the patient to ascertain whether the patient is a candidate for care.                                                                                                                                              

Once admitted under care, the doctor will take a series of three dimensional radiographs to exactly locate the area of neurovascular compromise which is causing the patient's headaches.           


These radiographs will be computer analyzed and a vector will be generated to be used in conjunction with the Atlas Orthogonal Percussion Instrument.



The instrument uses a percussive force to remove the atlas neurovascular impingement which was found on the radiographs. The correction is completely non-invasive and most often than not patients say, "That's It?" after their correction has been accomplished because the force used is so light. A post-radiograph will then be taken to confirm that the atlas neurovascular impingement has been removed. 


Patients are then given instructions on how to protect their correction and a treatment plan is devised to make sure the condition does not reappear. Follow up visits may include trigger point therapy, mechanical massage, heat or cold packs, and exercise, as needed.  Detoxification protocols will also be offered to those patients wishing to cleanse their bodies of the long term residual effects of drug therapy and faulty diets.


Patients can expect a 50-100% improvement in their symptoms within one month of initial treatment.


The Atlas Orthogonal Procedure and Instrument was created by Dr. Roy Sweat of Atlanta, Georgia. The Instrument is completely FDA approved and is highly safe and effective. For more details on Dr. Roy Sweat and his work go to: www.globalao.com


 Dr. Blauschild and Dr. Sweat, 2005                                                            Dr. Blauschild and Dr. Sweat, 2015



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